Hi! My name is Megan.

who I am:

I am a science writer, naturalist communicator, artist, and researcher specializing in animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and all things in the more-than-human world.

what I do:

I tell inspiring multimedia nature stories.

I illustrate my stories with original paintings, photography, and data visualizations.

I teach experiences with Atlas Obscura called ‘Art + Evolution: Drawing Animals with Megan McGrath.’ These interdisciplinary workshops help participants explore the mysteries of nature and evolution all around them by deepening their drawing practice. Learn more here.

I do research on animal behavior. In 2019 I published a Master’s thesis on bottlenose dolphin social behavior and movement. I have a decade of experience as a research assistant in labs studying the cognition of “big grey animals with big grey brains,” like dolphins, elephants, and grey parrots.

I produce science radio. In 2013 I was a AAAS Mass Media Fellow stationed at VOA News, where I produced science radio for an international audience, and in 2016 I co-founded and managed a collaborative audio production group.

I edit scientific material for academic and popular publication, from journal manuscripts to a successful book on the origin of life on Earth.

Find my resume here.

where I am:

I am a new transplant to Seattle, WA.

how to reach me: