Anyone out there in the mood to live out a Disney fairy tale for a hot sec? Grab someone you feel very strongly about and sing a ditty or something together. New research suggests that your hearts will literally beat as one.

Well, at least they’ll slow down and speed up together.

Take a listen to my story for VOA News:

If you’d rather, the written version is here.

Want more? The open-access research article is here.

If you think about this finding, it’s not out-of-nowhere. When you sing together, your breathe together at the same moments. Your heart rate is affected by inhalations and exhalations.

Bingo: We have a new reason why my college showtunes a capella group was even cheesier and more adorable than we seemed at the time, standing in drunken circles at dingy parties and harmonizing Sondheim.

God, I miss college.

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